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Kokani Muslims, an enterprising and vibrant community hailing from the coastal region of Maharashtra called Kokan had played a very important role in the social, cultural and educational development of Kokan. However, they were always ignored by the successive state governments in the state’s development programmes. Moreover, at times, they had to face the brunt of communal hatred propagated by some parties with vested interest. Result of the 2014 national election that had the lowest representation of Muslims in the Parliament acted as a wake up call for the hitherto easy going people who then decided that enough is enough and now it is time to act.

Poem 1
Us qaum ko shamsheer ki haajat nahi rahti
Ho jis ke jawano ki khudi soorate faulad…

This kept reverberating into the ears of some global koknis who kept discussing pros and cons of various scenarios anticipated in future and finally came out from the state of frustration and despair and launched Kokan Seva Manch, an organization to empower the kokanis in Health care, Education, Socio-Economic and Political development of Kokan. Kokan Seva Manch, KSM, believes that;

Poem 1
Afraad Ke Haatho mein Hai Aqwaam Ki Taqdeer
Har Fard Hai Millat Ke Muqaddar Ka Sitara...

A seed sown in May, 2014 bloomed into a tiny sapling soon. It was launched on August, 2nd 2014 at the Sveda Banquet Hall in Andheri, Mumbai under the leadership of Dr. Iqbal Vanoo with clear and well defined Vision, Mission and Objectives. Since then, the Executive Committee of KSM has been working tirelessly, supported by the well-wishers in the community and have produced an impact seldom achieved by a new organization. The KSM think tank is fully aware of the challenges foreseen in the future and believes in the help from Allah, The Almighty, in achieving the goals with selfless honesty and committed dedication.
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