President's Message


Dhondta Phirta Hoon Ai Iqbal Apne Aap KO
Aap Hi Goya Musafir, Aap Hi Manzil Hoon Main

There are numerous Social, Religious and Welfare Kokani organizations who have been doing excellent work for the community. I am personally associated with some of them and hence, I have no hesitation in vouching for their commendable work. The question then arises as to what was the need to form KSM? Let me clarify that KSM’s core objective is socio-political empowerment of the kokni community in general and in fields of trade , finance , education, healthcare services in particular. KSM also has some micro level programmes for the youth and women. We at KSM believe in synergizing and optimizing the efforts of all kokanis. Hence, KSM looks forward to receiving whole hearted support of all like minded koknis in Kokan region and overseas to fulfill the dreams of its objectives. They are not achievable overnight. We have Short Term and Long Term plans which we shall share with you from time to time. In doing so, I am looking forward to;

Hum Safar Chahiye Hujoom Nahin
Ek Musafir Bhi kafila Hai Mujhe
Feel free to join us and share the responsibilities we all have towards the community and look forward to receiving the reward from Allah, The Almighty.

Best regards,
Iqbal Vanoo
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